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June we are a mere 3 years have whizzed by and been lost somewhere in space and time....but we are slowly putting all the bits back together and will hopefully be getting some new LPs out for your listening pleasure soonish ... but probably  more like later-ish.

We do, finally, have the new EJECTOR SEATS "Brand New Catastrophe" LPs and CDs in stock and we are waiting for the "Controlled Chaos" LPs from sunny Minnesota's BLACK WINE!

In the works, but don't hold your breath, are LPs from Long Beach, Ca legends THROTTLE,  the 1st LP from Los Angeles based BLISS BOMBS, and another album from South Bay's the BY- PRODUCTS!

We are getting SUUUPER  low on the hardcore masterpieces from LETHAL OVERDOSE; "Unfinished Business LPs & CDs, plus ANTITHOUGHT's "The Letdown"LPs & CDs, as well as the 1st Ejector Seats release"Say Sorry" LPs + CDs, so grab those before they are G.O.N.E!


June 2020:'s been a rough 6 months, but at least the Praying Mantus LPs have finally arrived!!!

Pressed on gold vinyl with pink/black splatter! Be the 1st on your block to get it.


Jan 2020: OK....well... we start the year off with a bang..the BY-PRODUCTS "Praying Mantus" album is at the pressing plant...we have the cds and it's up streaming @ all your favorite steam-erable outlets. Also on the BY-PRODUCTS bandcamp page, just click on the album cover & it will take you there.


0ct 2019; OK!!! Guess what's here??? the BRAGGING LADS "Half Empty" LP is done and sitting in boxes on the floor...time to get a copy  on red vinyl with black and white splatter!! O-U-T N-O-W!!!!!

Also, the BY-PRODUCTS "Praying Mantus" 12" is up in Ontario , Canada being mastered, by Dave Williams, so that will be sent off to the pressing plant soon!

Sept 2018; OK... the EJECTOR SEATS  N-E-W  lp has arrived and is ready  to ship. Pressed on Transparent Electric Blue vinyl, with yellow and red splatter...more ragged gritty, catchy punk goodness from Rat Beach!  Order it on the "New Stuff" page.

There's some N-E-W  By-Products Tees to for all your Fall fashion needs.

May 2018; The KREUTZER SONATA lps are H-E-R-E!!! Finally!! Limited number on transparent red vinyl Buy it on the 'new stuff' pag

Jan 2018; OK..New year, new stuff on the horizon....waiting on the Kruetzer LPs to get in, also a new Ejector Seats LP on the way, the BY-Products are recording an LP and working on a live Ep, Venice HC vets, ENTROPY, are working on a  NEW LP plus an LP of old unreleasd stuff!!!!! Plus the Blaqstars are working on a new batch of songs and playing some So.Cal gigs this summer...also hoping to get the Bragging Lads and Super Session LPs out sooner than later....fingers crossed we'll see.


Sept 2017; Collision Course Records is teaming up with No Time & Don't Panic records to release the new Kreutzer Sonata LP, entitled "The gutters of paradise". The LP is getting some finishing touches and should go to the pressing plant round the end of Oct or so. Kruetzer Sonata has been  doing some shows with  ANTITHOUGHT, so keep your eyes peeled!!!


March 2017; OK...the new Ejector Seats LP is here!!! On hot pink splattered vinyl and cd. Click on the "New stuff" tab & get it!!


Jan 2017; Hey!! It's 2017!!! The new Ejector Seats LP, "Everybody calm down",  is at the pressing plant, tentative release date is  Feb 19th! On hot pink vinyl with green and  yellow splatters.

Nov 2016; The N-E-W MYSTERY DATE LPs are in & looking F-A-B!!! on white splattered vinyl with purple & orange splatter!! $12 plus $4 shipping in continental US. Email me for overseas shipping price. Buy it on the 'New stuff' page. CDs are here also.

We also got the new Generacion Suicida 'SOMBRAS'  LP & Peluqueria Canina 'Jovenes promesas' LP in.

Sept 2016; YESSSS! It's a new site!!! Not completely finished, as far as loading all the records in & ironing out all the glitches, but it's up! Probably the most exciting thing is that all the records are finally  in A-l-p-h-a-b-e-t-i-c-a-l order!!!  YAY!

Antithought's LP got a KILLER  review in Razorcake #94....go to the 'new stuff' page & click on the Antithought cover to read it!

Antithought's 'the Letdown' got a nice review in MR&R #400....I think Kyle's Mum may be reviewing records for Max rock n roll!!!!!

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