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Daisy is a punker! She turned **2** this week and is never far from the daily operations here @ CCRHQ.

She's there when things get delivered-to bark at the UPS/FED EX/Mail person, She's there when orders get packed, she rides along when orders get shipped, she falls asleep listening to Government Warning or the Regulations, to the Sedatives or Devo, to the Victims or the Vibrators...she doesn't care, she doesn't complain, she doesn't roll her eyes as if to say "not this shit again'!!!

Daisy is, along with the music in my world, the main reason I stay 'sane' (relative), she and her unique personality have become entwined in the mess that is my daily life...what an amazing co-worker!!! Better than all before her, and any to come, she makes me smile and laugh out loud, keeps me grounded and brings me back to earth when the day gets out of control!!!

She NEVER though, gets to pick what goes on the that realm, she understands that the expert....and with that said, every now and then I will jot down a few lines about LPs I discover/LOVE/Don't really understand/Am sick-to-death of...all so you, if so desired, may discover something aurally new and wonderful that makes your life better, the day more enjoyable...another of life's simple pleasures...sharing music/bands with people who would otherwise never find out about them!


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