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Great Houston political hardcore from1981.

Really Red were one of the coolest totally overlooked early 80s hardcore bands. whether they considered themselves hardcore or not they totally brought themselves to and beyond the limits of the style and genre.  They had a kind of element that fear also brought on their "the record" musically, but some real politcal lyrics that even if you disagreed with them its still such great music. This album is a classic of its time and sadly very few people know about them.Those who have taken the time to hear and love really red can say "They were political without getting annoying or tiring." Which is very true, really red could have been gods in the underground world, but like U-ron bondage said in the liner notes of their "near complete discography",(on angy neighbor records) cd they totally didnt need to, they didn't care.

Really Red 'Teaching you the fear' LP

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