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16 tracks
German Import
Great fuzzy guitar pop-punk...bouncy & hooky...Prescription Thrills!!! Gotta deal with Neil!
Terry A'hearn; Guitar, Vox
James O'Toole; Guitar, Vox
Mike Belliveau; Bass
LJ Thrilla; Drums

1. Pointed at you
2. Gotta deal with Neil
3. Don't play dumb
4. Everybody's telling me
5. Pink pocket knife
6. Hydromorphone love
7. It's true
8. Prductive waste of time
9. Put it on high
10. Graveyard kid
11. Prescription thrills
12. Purple teeth
13. Sloppy princess
14. Burnout beach
15. Power out
16. 40 days

Outtacontroller "Don't plat dumb" LP

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