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Do You See carries on the ideas that are at the core of the first wave of punk bands- that you do not need expertise to make meaningful music, that anyone with even the most basic tools can create something, that this could be, and should be, you. 
 If there is any mystery in the album, it is in how Legendary Wings continue to find magic in straightforward chords and melodies. Writing a pop song is hard. Writing a pop song that sounds new while using tones, progressions and rhythms that are well-worn seems like it wouldn't make the process any easier. The band still find a way to create music that haven't been made yet, music that sounds familiar, yet new. 
 Listening to the album is like listening to college radio and finding a small world you never new about in the course of a three minute song. One can hear shades of Jay Retard or Guided by Voices in songs like “Weather Advisory” and “Do You See,” but the are exactly that; shades. These song belong to Legendary Wings alone. They c

Ledgendary Wings "Do you see?" LP

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