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n the 80s, while synthpop artists wrestled with issues of heartache and love gone wrong, the responsibility of tackling social issues fell in large part to the punk rock movement. One such band were East L.A.’s The Brat, who despite growing popularity and opening for acts like REM and X, disbanded before releasing a full length LP.

Fortunately, for fans of good music, the August 18 release of “Straight Outta East L.A.” on RockBeat Records brings to light a treasure trove of previously unreleased tunes by the talented quintet. Included on the 21 song set are all the tunes from their debut EP “Attitudes” and 16 recordings for the intended major label debut that never happened.

The recording and production here is top notch. Lore has it that remastering these tunes has been an ongoing project for guitarist Rudy Medina, even including the addition of new instrument tracks. The quality of the original tracks, including vocals by Teresa Covarrubias is so well preserved that the resulting new production is flawless

the Brat "Attitudes" LP Yellow Vinyl

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