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Perhaps the best cover photo ever!! Great record too, Killer girl singer!!
Kicking open the door on "Blood and Rust", vocalist Liz Panella alternates between spitting and singing in a combination of Penelope Houston and Erica Daking. While the band plays with vigor, slamming through most songs in a little over a minute apiece, they avoid repetition with subtle but effective changes. 

 On "Life Less", the band pulls off the gas of the opening one-two punch ever so slightly, allowing their guitar riffs to over come the speed and Panella's melody to take control. While the change-up isn't dramatic in and of itself, when paired next to the other charging tracks, the band is able to maintain its momentum while keeping different colors in their sound. 

 Notably, the guitar and bass seem to blend together in the mix, creating a very metallic sound, which gives Panella's voice a slightly harder edge. But the effect also keeps the music edgy, but still musical.

Libyans "A common place" LP

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